The Agent Spotlight is our flagship advertising program for Realtors, Brokers and Agents. An Agent Spotlight ad will significantly boost the Realtor's exposure on

The Agent Spotlight is an attractive, professional banner ad that shows the Realtor's photo, name, phone and area of service. There are 5 color choices to choose from.

Sample of an Agent Spotlight ad:

The Agent Spotlight ad is assigned to a specific city of the Realtor's choice. This is usually the main city or town that the Realtor services.

As visitors browse listings on Walk2Shul that are located in that city, the Realtor's Agent Spotlight ad will appear in the top left area of the web page. The categories of listings that are included are Real Estate, Orthodox Synagogues and Kosher Restaurants.


A Realtor joins the Agent Spotlight program and is assigned to Miami Beach, as their chosen city. Now, whenever visitors browse Real Estate, Orthodox Synagogue and/or Kosher Restaurant listings in Miami Beach, the Realtor's Agent Spotlight ad will be visible.

In addition to the ad providing additional exposure, when a visitor clicks on the Agent Spotlight ad, they will be taken to the Realtor's Seller's Page, providing more information about the Realtor, a "Contact" button for the Realtor and a way for the visitor to see all the Realtor's listings on Walk2Shul in one location.

The Agent Spotlight has been proven to increase leads on

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