Placing a listing on Walk2Shul is EXTREMELY easy!

This tutorial will show you how to place a listing as a "Realtor", the Account Type you selected when you first registered. Of course, this is for Realtors, Brokers or Agents.

[Not sure what an "Account Type" is? Check out this tutorial]

Make sure that you have all your information ready and at least one photo available to upload.

1. Click the "Add a Listing" link in your Account Area

2. Select the "Real Estate" category in which you will place the listing

3. Select a Listing Plan
Selection of Listing Plans will vary depending on the Category selected and the Account Type of the member.

4. Enter all the details and information about your listing

5. Upload photos of your listing

5b. You can Drag-and-Drop uploaded photos to re-sort how they appear

5c. You can add Captions to your images

6. Add a Video (if applicable)

7. Preview Your Listing

8. Pay for your listing

9. That's it!! All Done!!