If you arrived here by accident and don't know what Listing Packages are, please go here to learn all about Listing Packages.

Essentially, Listing Packages allow you to buy listings in a fixed bulk quantity and at deeply discounted prices, compared with placing a single listing.

We currently have 3 different Packages:  3-Ad, 6-Ad and 12-Ad

You actually don't pay for the Package until you place your first listing. So, you will need at least one property ready to be listed on Walk2Shul.com

Please follow these directions on how to purchase a Listing Package:

1. Log In and Click "Add a Listing"

2. Select the "Real Estate" Category

3. Select a Listing Package

On this page, you select which Listing Package you want to purchase. When you select the Listing Package, you will be presented with 2 options: "Standard Listing" and "Featured Listing".

Each Package allows you a certain number of Standard listings to place, and a certain number of Featured listings to place. For example, the 6-Ad Package allows 2 Standard and 4 Featured listings.

Note: The "Standard Listing" option will automatically be selected, so if you want the listing to be Featured, please be sure to select it here. You will not be able to change it later.

4. Add Your First Listing Details

5. Add Up To 24 Photos

You don't have to have all 24 photos available. You can always upload some now and upload others at a later time ... But, it's a good idea to have at least one photo available now when you're creating your listing.

5b. Set Primary Image

5c. Add Captions If You Want

6. Add a Video If You Want

7. Preview Your Listing

8. Pay For Your Listing Package

At this point, you will choose how you want to pay for your Listing Package.

If you're using a credit card, select the option that shows the "Visa". The Paypal option allows you to pay with your Paypal account.

9. All Done!!

Congratulations! You just added your first listing AND paid for your Listing Package.

Now, you can add the remaining listings in your Package anytime you want. There will be no charge when you add these listings, as you already paid for your Listing Package.

See our other tutorial on how to add additional listings to your Listing Package.