Once you placed your first listing and paid for your Listing Package, you have one year to place the remaining listings in the Listing Package.

Each listing runs for a term of 6 months (180 days), so if you place a listing one month before your Listing Package expires, that listing will still run for 6 months.

In the previous tutorial, we showed you how we purchased a 6-Ad Listing Package. This tutorial continues from there.

Follow these directions on how to add additional listings to your Listing Package:

1. Log In and Add a Listing

2. Select the "Real Estate" Category

3. Select the Listing Package That is "Available" (ie. that was purchased)

Look for the "Available", which means that you have additional listings available to be placed within that Listing Package. In this tutorial, we have the 6-Ad Package that is "Available".

Note: It is possible to purchase more than one Listing Package at a time. For example, you can purchase a 6-Ad Package and then a 3-Ad Package. So, it's possible to see more than one "Available" on this page.

4. Select Whether the Listing is "Standard" or "Featured"

When you select the Listing Package, you will then see the "Standard Listing" and "Featured Listing" options. You will also see how many of each are remaining.

For example, in the last tutorial, we selected a "Featured Listing" as the first listing we placed. So now, we see that there are 3 Featured listings left and a total of 5 listings (ie. 2 Standard and 3 Featured) available.

Remember: The "Standard Listing" will be automatically selected, so if you want a "Featured Listing", make sure to select it here, because it cannot be changed later.

5. The Rest of the Process....

The rest of the process of adding a listing is the same as that shown in the previous tutorial "How to purchase a Listing Package".

The only difference is that you won't be going through the payment process, since you already paid for the package.