There are times when you want or need to add, edit or change the photos of your listing.

Some reasons why you want to edit your photos:

  • you have additional photos to upload
  • you want to edit or add Captions to your photos
  • you want to re-arrange the order of your photos
  • you want to delete (or remove) certain photos
  • you want to replace photos

Whatever the reason is, it's VERY EASY to make changes to your listing's photos.

1. Log In and Click "My Real Estate Listings"

2. Click the "Add a photo" Button

You may have more than one listing on this page. Find the listing you want to edit and click the button with the camera icon.

If you hover over the button, you should see "Add a photo" appear, to confirm.

3. Add New Photos

3b. Delete or Remove Photos

It's very easy to delete or remove images.

Just click the "x" in the upper right corner of the image and confirm.

3c. Add or Edit Photo Captions

3d. Re-Arrange or Re-Sort Order of Images

4. When Finished, Go Back To Listings Page