Whether you currently have listings or not, our Realtor Directory is a great way to advertise yourself and your real estate services on Walk2Shul.

Walk2Shul's Realtor Directory lets visitors, sellers and buyers easily find Realtors in their local area. Visitors can locate Realtors alphabetically, or they can use the Advanced Search feature to search for Realtors by Name, Company, Country and/or City.

Our Realtor Directory shows a thumbnail image of your agent photo, your name, your brokerage name, city and country. If you have listings on Walk2Shul, a small icon next to your thumbnail image will show the number of listings you currently have on Walk2Shul.com

Your Seller's Page:

When you sign up and pay for your Realtor Directory listing, you will also receive your very own "Seller's Page". Visitors arrive at your Seller's Page when they click on your name on the Realtor Directory.

The Seller's Page offers 3 tabs of information. The main tab offers visitors all your account details, including your agent photo, your contact information including office address, office phone and cell phone, your brokerage info and logo and an "About Me" section to provide more information about yourself.

The main tab also offers a "Contact" button for visitors to contact you using our internal messaging & chat system, as well as a link to view all your listings on Walk2Shul.com, if you have any, in one convenient place.

The second tab offers visitors the ability to see all your listings, posted on Walk2Shul.com, in one convenient location. A great feature for Realtors with multiple listings on Walk2Shul. While the third tab is a map of your office's location.

You can easily see all of this in action by going to the Realtor Directory and clicking on one of the listed Realtors.

Your Own Walk2Shul.com Address:

One last feature included with your Realtor Directory listing is your own personal web address on Walk2Shul. It will look like:


... where "perrytheman" will be your name, username or whatever you like. You create this personal web address when you first register on Walk2Shul as a "Realtor".

You can then use your personal Walk2Shul web address in all your marketing, sending people directly to your Seller's Page, where people can learn more about you and see all your listings in one place. This is a great way to market yourself to the Orthodox Jewish community in your area.

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