When you register on Walk2Shul, an account is created for you. Part of your account is your Profile, which contains your personal information.

If you selected "Realtor" as your Account Type, then you have some additional information available in your Profile.

At anytime, you can log in at your convenience and change the information in your Profile.

This is how you do it:

1. Log In and Click "My Profile"

2. Your Profile Details Page

On your Profile Details page, you can:

  • change your email address
  • add, change or remove your Profile image
  • retrieve your Personal web address

Note: your Profile image must be equal in height and width, essentially a square.

If you upload your image and it's not clear or it's skewed, then it's because it doesn't have equal dimensions (ie. 200 x 200 pixels)

3. Your Account Details Page

Don't forget the "About me" section, where you can tell visitors more about yourself and your services.

4. Manage Your Password