Our first tutorial showed you how to place a simple Vacation Rentals listing without including the Booking Tab feature.

This tutorial will show you how to place a Vacation Rentals listing and enabling the Booking Tab feature.

IMPORTANT:  If you placed a "simple" Vacation Rentals listing and you now want to use the Booking Tab, just log into your account and edit your listing. At the bottom, you will be able to enable the Booking Tab feature.

1. Log In and Click "Add a Listing" - Select "Vacation Rentals" Category

2. Select the Listing Plan

3. Add Your Listing Details

4. Set Pricing For Listing

5. For the Booking Tab setting, Select "Yes"

5b. Add Date Ranges and Specific Rates

6. Add Photos

6b. Set Photo as Primary ... Re-Sort If Necessary

6c. Add Captions to Photos

7. Add Videos (Optional)

8. Preview Your Listing

9. Checkout and Pay For Your Listing

10. You're Done!!

Review our next tutorial to learn exactly how the Booking Tab (and feature) works.

It's not long, but it will show you the power of the Booking feature.