Our Booking feature for Vacation Rentals is quite powerful. When you create a Vacation Rentals listing, you set your standard Price and then specify the "rental term" for that Price.

For example, your standard price is $1,500 and you set the term to be "per week".

So your standard rate is $1,500 per week.

But, what if there are times during the year (ie. holidays, peak, non-peak, etc) that you want to promote a different price?

Well, that's where our Booking Tab feature comes in.

When you create or edit your listing and enable the Booking Tab, you will be able to create Date Ranges where you can specify a unique price for that range. That unique price will then override your standard price for that date range.

NOTE: The price that you specify for a date range will be "per night"

1. When You Create or Edit Your Listing, Enable the Booking Tab

2. Create Date Ranges and Their Respective Prices (Per Night)

Don't forget. The Price that you set per date range is "per Night".

3. A Listing WITHOUT the Booking Tab Enables

This shows you a listing that does NOT have the Booking Tab enabled.

It just shows the standard Price and Rental Tim Frame (ie. Per Week).

4. A Listing With the Booking Tab Enabled

The Booking Tab (called "Book It") now appears on your listing's page.

Visitors can see each date range along with its specific (per night) rate.

The Booking Calendar allows visitors to select the days/nights that they want to book.

5. Using the Booking Calendar

6. Completing The Booking

After the customer completes their Booking, our system will send you an email notice confirming the booking. The email includes the customer's name and email, so you can follow up with the customer

This tutorial showed you how the Booking feature works.

Please see the next tutorial that teaches you how to manage the Bookings for your Vacation Rental listing.