By now, you understand what our Booking feature is and how to use it to set up custom date ranges with custom prices.

In the last tutorial, we show you how a visitor/customer uses the Booking feature to book your vacation rental.

This tutorial will show you how to easily manage your Bookings.

1. Click the "Booking Details" Icon For Your Listing

2. Overview of Booking Requests Tab

Click the magnifying glass icon to see the details of your bookings.

3. Review Details of the Booking .. and Accept or Reject

3b. Enter Acceptance Comment to Customer

Enter whatever you want or need to communicate to the customer. This box is required.

Click "Accept".

4. See the Result of Accepting the Booking

As you can see, by accepting the customer's booking, you have locked out those days. Visitors will see that those days are booked, and they will not be able to reserve those days.

So, it's important to manage your Bookings and make sure that you either Accept or Reject the booking.

5. How to Manage Your Custom Date Ranges and Prices

Back at the Booking Details page (see step #1 above), you can click the "Rate Range" tab to manage your custom date ranges and pricing schedules.

You can add new date ranges here, and you probably want to delete old (ie. expired) date ranges as well.

That's it! You now know how to expertly manage your Vacation Rental.